Dr Austin Tay


As more and more articles talk about how Millennial are entering the workplace and soon be the ones taking over the baby boomers and Generation Xers, maybe it is time that we revisit the way we assess this unique group of employees.

Millennial are, by far, the most tech savvy of the lot. They are fortunate to be exposed to all these emerging technologies that make tasks, which were used to take a longer time to achieve, easy with the ever- growing applications in the market. With their thirst for technology more so than Generation Xers, they are not likely to be sitting through a battery of cognitive tests and long personality questionnaire. They are likely to get bored and that might affect the way they perform in the assessment, not because of incapability, but of impatience.

It is no doubt one can argue that such demonstration of impatience, is in itself a revelation of the personality of such employees – being less likely to be responsible in their work. While it is tempting to be quick at passing such judgment, I prefer to think that because we are dealing with an unique group of employees, there is a need to have a new set of assessment tools to reflect so. Who knows, something radical such as assessment through mobile devices and shortened testing time might be the way to go. I strongly believe that this is likely to be the way forward should we want to identify talent in this new group of employees. It would be interesting to see how this will evolve.

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