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When I first thought about this topic to blog, it was out of curiosity to see how people will react to the following statement on Twitter and Facebook.

‘Motivated at work by money and not passion. Passion is overrated.’

I was rewarded with 2 responses and breaking them down: passion fuels motivation that is far more important than being rewarded by money.

I think most of us are passionate, when we began to work but such passion diminishes as we are bamboozled with extraneous factors such as political play, bureaucracy and demands. All these, sometimes, can make us compromise our work. However, I do not dispute that there are a few of us that will put our foot down and will not let the passion dwindle, perhaps sometimes with a cost – such as leaving the work or to be in conflict with our managers or clients.

On the other hand, to some, money is the motivator at work as it pays the bill, provides the extras and allows us to go to that dream holiday. Passion, in this case, can be developed or be at the back burner. Again, I do not dispute the fact that, some of us are able to balance both being passionate and driven by the money. But it must be distinguished that the passion, in this instance, is secondary to the main motivator – MONEY.

So are both passion and money dichotomies of motivation at work? My humble opinion is that when one applies passion to work, while not compromised, may not necessarily be rewarded handsomely monetary. Conversely, when one is motivated by money to perform, there may be an impetus to be passionate.

Regardless whether you are motivated by passion or money, I believe work should be done with: no regrets, clear conscience and integrity. In short be true to yourself.


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