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‘We are young, so let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun’


Lyrics from the song ‘We Are Young’ by FUN


Recently this song has been in my head for some reason playing incessantly, and just in case you are wondering, no I am not going crazy. Why it slips into my mind stealthily could be because of the catchy tune.  Like all things I do, I like to dig a little deeper to discover… Before I carry on, I would like to say that I am not advocating anyone to do any burning of any sorts.


Looking at the lyrics (or in particular the line above)… two words come to mind – Young and Fearless. So I try to make sense of what is the relevance here to me. I am not hoping for some celestial message from some higher power but putting it plainly being young and fearless to me, at least, means…

  1. Taking the risk and steps that you know that somehow down the road, they are all worthwhile.

  2. Not to be doubtful of your aspirations even when everyone tells you that you are not able to make it.

  3. To be prepared for failure but knowing how to bounce back from it.

  4. To ask others for help (you will be surprised by how many good Samaritans out there).

  5. You only live once, why not make the best out of it!

Reflecting on my own journey to becoming an IO Psychologist, I sure did live young and fearlessly. Not because I am narcissistic, but I believe it is the rite of passage everyone will have to go through. But as someone who has gone through that passage, I believe, the journey does not stop there as in our own strange way


‘We are still young, we will carry on setting the world on fire, we can still burn as bright as the sun”


As a practitioner, I believe I am a torch for those who are following behind me in their journey of becoming someone they can be proud of.


Disclaimer: in the course of writing this, no fire or burning took place!

Video of the song – We Are Young by Fun courtesy of Youtube.

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