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ImageAs we approach the end of the year, it is good to start looking at what you have and have not achieved in the past 12 months and what next steps are you going to take.  It is typical of us to always start to make resolutions for the new year but frankly how many did you keep and have broken? Below are 10 of my tips to ensure that you will be able to make sensible and achievable resolutions.

  1. Go back to your resolutions you wrote down to be accomplished this year. How many did you actually achieve?
  1. What works and what did not?
  1. Apply the same method to your new resolutions for next year.
  1. Look at those resolutions you did not achieve this year. What were the reasons? Are the reasons justifiable or not?
  1. If you have not achieved your resolutions for 2013, it could be they were not meant to be resolved in the first place. Ditch them.
  1. If these resolutions need to be done for next year, make sure they are top priority, if not it is likely you are not going to do anything about them again.
  1. Be pragmatic and stick to the schedule you set yourself. You are the hurdle to any resolutions.
  1. Reward yourself for each resolution you have completed. If you have completed half of the resolutions you set out to do, don’t beat yourself up. You still deserve to pat yourself on the shoulders. Just modify the way you achieve the resolutions.
  1. It is never easy to keep all resolutions but you must be truthful to yourself that you have tried. Giving up easily will only provide you with more excuses not to complete anything.
  1.  Always remember only you can be accountable for the resolutions you set.

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