Episode 040 – Workplace Spirituality

In this last episode of the year, I decided to talk about workplace spirituality.  What is workplace spirituality? Should we incorporate it into the workplace?  Listen to the episode and let me know your thoughts. For suggestions or comments, please send them to psychchat@omnipsi.com or tweet to psych_chat.    Please find below references to theContinue reading “Episode 040 – Workplace Spirituality”

Episode 039 – Rethinking Leaveism

In this episode, I discuss a prevalent phenomenon Leaveism. What is it and how can we prevent it? References:   Acker, J. (1990). Hierarchies, jobs, bodies: A theory of gendered organizations. Gender & Society, 4(2), 139-158.     Albrecht, S. L. (2012). The influence of job, team and organizational level resources on employee well-being, engagement,Continue reading “Episode 039 – Rethinking Leaveism”

Episode 037 – Smells Like Team Spirit

In this episode, I will discuss what a leader needs to do to improve team spirit or morale.  Self-assessment, re-engage, re-align and re-commit. References Ishaq, E., Bashir, S. and Khan, A.K. (2021), Paradoxical Leader Behaviors: Leader Personality and Follower Outcomes. Applied Psychology, 70: 342-357. https://doi.org/10.1111/apps.12233 Zhang, Y., & Liu, S.M. (2021). Balancing employees’ extrinsic requirementsContinue reading “Episode 037 – Smells Like Team Spirit”